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With three offices strategically located around the world, DR Technologies provides IT Consulting services to assist their clients in the management and protection of their technological infrastructure. We work alongside your teams to enhance preparedness and respond effectively to incidents or crisis events to ensure recovery is achieved with maximum speed and minimum loss.

Through strategic insight, we work to better prepare companies for the numerous challenges – and opportunities – that the future presents.


We help our clients discover potential threats to their organization, and understand the impacts to their operations that those threats, if realized, might cause. Our custom toolsets reshape business models to sustain any disruption.

Powered by expert risk assessment and strategic foresight, we envision every scenario in order to protect your most vulnerable assets through our recommendations and plans for crisis management, business resiliency, and recover


  • Software Development

    With a focus on the user’s experience, our innovative developers deliver custom feature-rich software that deliver solutions without the fluff.

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  • Software Distribution

    We remotely deploy, install, and validate a variety of applications that are synced across all of your systems and networks.

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  • Continuity Management

    Our team evaluates hazards commonplace to your industry and uses this insight to reinforce your operations, which improves resiliency.

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  • IT Consulting

    Our meticulous consultants audit the infrastructure of our clients in order to suggest improvements that accelerate digital evolution.

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  • Hosting

    Regardless of whether businesses are looking to leverage dedicated servers or can accept the trade-offs of a virtual private solution, we have the tools for the job.

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Committed To You

DR Technologies is not just a partner for today—we’re an ally for tomorrow. We deliver proactive business continuity planning and software systems to ensure the long-term viability of your daily operations. Whether you are taking your first steps into digital transformation, or preparing for long-term growth, let us show our dedication by helping you avoid the need to over invest in expensive IT solutions.