Disaster Recovery In Your Time Of Need


Commitment to
Safe Harbour

We hold sensitive personal data of EU citizens on digital media (server racks).  Since the EU Court of Justice Safe Harbour Ruling (Maximillian Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner) held that the United States does not offer adequate privacy protection over the data of EU citizens against illegal snooping, we could be in breach of EU law (and our own customer terms and conditions) by having this data present in the US. Until the new US-EU Privacy shield treaty is in effect we cannot risk having data in the US, even temporarily.

In Times of Need

Crisis Management is all about the immediate response to an incident that threatens to disrupt your normal business operations. Our integrated approach to Crisis Management will provide you with not just a plan, but also the critical thinking, tools and activities to implement that plan. This is achieved through a top quality delivery of our training packages.

Critical Engineering

Our mission critical mind-set provides our clients with up-to-date documentation, continual training, & pre-emptive maintenance on all business critical systems thus ensuring minimal downtime and issues. When a crisis is unavoidable, minimal downtime is paramount.

On The Cloud

Our Cloud Services ensure your data is remotely maintained, managed and backed-up using the latest technology. We help clients look beyond the mitigation of existing enterprise workloads to a strategy of developing cloud-optimised applications that fully exploit the potential of cloud hosting.

Data Centre Services

Providing availability, security and efficiency of our clients data in a cost effective approach throughout some of the highest standard data centres in the world.

Experienced Staff

DR Technologies’ trained employees are sure to solve your data recovery issues in a timely fashion no matter what the problem is.

Always a call away

Our service centers are only a phone call away, with minimum wait times we are able to resolve your issues quick to get you back to work.

Quick. Efficient.

Only the best.

Assess. Solve.

Our expert team, upon receiving your call, will come and assess what went wrong and fix the problem in no time at all. We also offer disaster prevention tips so that you are never left in the dark again.

Tools for Success

Not only are our employees certified professionals at what they do but they have the best technology at hand to get the job done.

Satisfied Customers

Our reputation speaks volumes, our clients are always left happy and at ease when the job is done. We never compromise.

360º Support

DR Technologies will take a look at all angles on the given problem to better understand it to recovery your data in a quick, effective manner.

Your I.T.


Risk Managers

Risk Management is a central part to any successful organisation’s strategic management and a key strand of business continuity. We collaborate with our clients to implant Risk Management methodologies through identification and mitigation processes. Good risk management enables future challenges, trends, threats and opportunities to be anticipated in a way to enable preventive actions and minimise the likelihood and impact of an event.

Ask us. We have the answer.