IT Consulting Uncomplicated

For Businesses Of All Sizes

Helping You Scale Your Business

Increase efficiency

Your time is best spent running your business. Ours is spent taking the IT headache of system change and integration away from you.

Avoid Pitfalls

DR Technologies is experienced and familiar with the pit falls that can plague a badly planned IT integration.

Add Versatility

We will help you react to and plan around change and build a flexible infrastructure on which to build your future business.

Project Management

DR Technologies is also an independent IT project management firm and offers businesses certified assistance.

Unique Solutions

Every business is different and has a unique set of problems to be solved. We design our solution to meet the precise needs of your business.

Eliminate Interference

We act as the interface between you and other IT stakeholders both internal and external, removing any unnecessary distraction within your organization.

The Best Advice

Stimulates Growth


At DR Technologies we understand the significance of making big decisions. Our consultants are experts in guiding you through change and helping you find the right ‘fit’ for your business. Contact us today to find out more.

We Help

DR Technologies has helped countless businesses make difficult decisions. Our passion to deliver the best solution has earned us invaluable knowledge and experience. We always do our best to help find the right fit.

We Innovate

Our team of consultants is experienced in finding creative ways of solving complex issues that may arise when setting up your IT infrastructure or finding ways to optimize it.

We Listen

Our clients are some of the best in the business so when we hear a suggestion, we take it to heart. Many of our greatest innovations sprung to life from issues brought to our attention by our clients.


& Security

We provide both breadth and depth of experience for building and managing secure and resilient environments, so you can be sure to stay connected and reduce your risk of interruption. We aim for latency and service outages to be a thing of the past.
Ask us. We have the answer.