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What Makes DR Technologies Tick

Our Philosophy

We have built our company upon four foundations. Every piece of software we write, hardware we supply, or system we create, is guided by these principles.


Interfaces must be easy to use and understand, even without previous knowledge or experience.


Resources must not be wasted on extra functionality at the cost of primary functionality.


Systems and functionality must be minimalistic and designed to be aesthetically pleasing.


Systems must continue to function properly after being used ridiculously or maliciously.

Superior Software

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Software Virtuosos

We have built a complete enterprise system integrator allowing communication, data transfer and interpretation between various computer systems with dissimilar native communication protocols and message format. The platform allows us to configure workflows based on transaction types, where the messages are coming from, where they are destined to go for delivery. This is all done with no programming. A Business Analyst can use the Graphical User Interface to build the message structures, provide the data mappings, create the logical workflows and create the exception handling. It is really that simple.

Our specialties include: Customer Experience Management, Digital Cloud Based Solutions, Contact Center Management, CRM, Enterprise Application Platforms, HTML5 Web Development and Mobile/Tablet App Development.

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